Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Huckabee, Romney & Guliani are just more GW Bush

George Bush says terrorists hate us because of our freedom and prosperity. Evidently, GW’s solution to make the terrorists stop hating us is to take away our freedom and prosperity so they won’t hate us anymore. Because that is what he is doing.

He increases government spending, size and scope and passes legislation that destroys the constitution in the form of the patriot act. He’s a democrat in sheep’s clothing. He is totally in opposition to the traditional republican positions of Goldwater, Taft, and Reagan. He is neither compassionate nor conservative. He is a socialist who supports the fleecing of the American people through the IRS and Federal Reserve.

He does not respect our sovereignty and is quietly planning a North American Union of the US, Canada and Mexico without congress involved. He has absolutely betrayed his oath of office with the immigration issue alone. And the greatest security risk is not Iran but rather someone group purchasing a nuke from a nation from the former Soviet Union and bringing it in through our unprotected boarders.

The morning of September 11th there was not a jet fighter to be found in defense of our nation? Bush is weak on defense. And we reelected him?

We comfort our selves with the thought that he is better than John Kerry. Is he? Is eating a pound of rat poison better than eating a pound and a half? They both are lethal. Both Kerry and Bush are lethal to our liberty.

All the republican candidates remain silent in their opposition to this pseudo-republican but rather repeat the same blather as him. Only Ron Paul stands alone against the tide of totalitarian socialism being pushed off on a naive public memorized by a tabloid media.


Anonymous said...

I'm going with Huck!!!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your slavery then.