Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Huckabee For Sale!

Huckabee received hundreds of gifts (ie. kickbacks) over his ten years.

Huckabee received 112,000 of gifts in one year alone

He was given all kinds of gifts like guitars, gold jewelry diamonds, gift certificates, vacations, free dental care, free dry cleaning, $23,000 for clothes for his wife and so on...

Why did he get all these gifts??? Why were people giving him all this stuff?

Example: In 1999 business man Jennings Osborne gave Huckabee $53,000 dollars in gifts. Wow! How did Huckabee show his gratitude? That same year Huckabee appointed him to the stadium commission which helped the Mr. Osborne financially.

See how that works?

These gifts are legal. However, Huckabee was admonished five times by the Arkansas ethics board for failing to report all the gifts he recieved as the law requires.

What was he trying to cover up?

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Buffalo said...

They were simply fringe benifits of being a Southern politician.