Saturday, March 29, 2008


They create a crisis with their unchecked power and control and then after they destroy the value of the dollar they ask for more power so they can "fix" it? This is madness! Are Americans that dumb? It's all part of their plan. In order to gain more power without limit they must create a crisis so that we will like dumb sheep give them more power over our money. It's all part of their evil plan.

Giving the Federal Reserve more power to fix our economic problems would have been like giving Hitler more gas chambers so he could fix the Holocaust problem. No! Hitler and his gas chambers were the problem.... Hitler caused the Holcaust and the Federal Reserve caused this crisis by lowering the value of the dollar.

The problem with our economy is the unchecked overreaching power of wielded by the Federal Reserve for its own interests not the interests of the American people.

NEWS FLASH TO AMERICA: The Federal Reserve is a private company owned by an undisclosed group of billionaires who don't have to give any kind of report to congress. We don't even know if they have the gold reserves left. They answer to no one.

Everyone thinks the price of Gold is up. It’s not. It’s just the value of the dollar is down. Everyone thinks the price of oil is at record high. It’s not. It’s just the value of the dollar is at record lows. Other nations are dropping the dollar and hurting our economy even further because every time the Federal Reserve makes more money with nothing to back it up in order to drop our interest rate the value of the dollar sinks lower and lower.

Wake up AMERICA! The only one telling you the truth is RON PAUL. Go to and type in Ron Paul Federal Reserve and listen to the man for your children and grandchildren’s sake.

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