Monday, March 31, 2008

Federal Reserve Power Grab

The Federal Reserve is devaluing our dollar by bailing out rich bankers co-horts, giving up control of our economy to small groups of international bankers, and taking over our entire economic system though the other sectors are not what caused the crisis. Now the Federal Reserve (a private company) wants the power to not only regulate other banks and control credit but they want the power to take over the competition. See for yourself... go to these links...

US & UK set up joint group to monitor and regulate the banking system.

Federal Reserve uses crisis they created as excuse to assume economic regulatory control over areas that have no problems and had nothing to do with this crisis.

The Federal Reserve want the power to seize and nationalize private banks.

This entire crisis was created to scare people into giving the men who caused it more power, money and control. And America is too stupid to see it. They are too busy worrying about who was kicked off American Idol this week to realize their country is being taken from them and sold to global bankers.

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Iago de Otto said...

"too busy worrying about who was kicked off American Idol this week"

Unfortunately, despairingly sad but outrageously true. And what is it about American Idol that watching American Dreamz back-to-back with Requiem for a Dream couldn't cure? Well, it just might be --- "America is too stupid to see" . . . .

Keep up the good work, Patriot.