Friday, April 10, 2009

Who Is Profiting From The Financial Collapse?

The Financial Collapse was engineered by the Federal Reserve to eliminate competition of other bankers, fleece the system, lower values of companies so they can be bought up by the very people who made the collapse happen in first place.  People are profiting from the collapse. Find them and you find the conspirators who caused the whole mess in the first place. 

Their plan is to buy up controlling interest in the entire system removing competition form the capitalist system thus creating a fascist system. They also want to scare the gullible masses into accepting their fascist system by giving control to governmental saviors to remove local governmental power and consolidate economic power into a one world government system with a one world currency. Why? Because a one world system under their control by their agents in bought off governments is easier to manipulate for future economic conquest. It's about more than acquiring money. It's about consolidating world power under one small shadow government which they control.

Why are some banks failing while others are posting record profits? Because some people were in on it...

Read This:

Who is making money hand over fist?

Read This:

Notice George Soros is "having a good downturn" and making billions during the down turn. And this is the same person personally who funded the democrat attack machine ( and who pushed for the election of Obama.

Obama is owned by the people who created this down turn and who are profiting from it.

Read here how Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, and a dozen other bailed out companies actually posted profits in the hundreds of millions.


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