Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Fox In Charge Of Hen House

As if parents and grandparents don’t already have enough to worry about with the dangerous content flooding the Internet, now the smut peddlers may soon have an ally at the very highest levels of the government.  Obama always puts the fox in charge of the hen house. He puts tax evaders in charge of our bailout and IRS... Now he puts a pornographer in charge of enforcing decency laws. 

President Barack Obama has chosen David Ogden to be the second in command at the Department of Justice as the Deputy Attorney General.

Who is David Ogden?

  • Ogden has served as the lawyer for Playboy and Penthouse magazines;
  • Ogden also has worked for a major distributor of adult films.
  • Ogden has served as a lawyer for the ACLU in various lawsuits.
  • Ogden represented an adult bookstore in Fort Wayne, Indiana in a lawsuit.
  • Ogden defended the right of pornographers to produce materials using underage actors.
  • Ogden has also opposed filters on library computers designed to protect children from Internet filth. He thinks porn should be available to kids in libraries. 
  • Ogden represented Playboy magazine in a lawsuit against Attorney General Ed Meese becuase Meese wanted Playboy included in a list of pornographic materials for the Attorney General's report on the dangers of pornograhy. 

A news report for the adult industry praised the nomination of Ogden saying, "This is a good sign for the adult industry."

David Ogden is not the kind of person most parents and grandparents really want in charge of obscenity crime prosecutions or controling the spread of sex trafficking, child exploitation and other vital decency issues.

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