Monday, September 15, 2008


Big brother IS watching you right now. First they scare us into allowing invasion of our rights in the name of stopping terrorists. Then after a couple years they aplly the new rules not only to terror cases but to anything so that the FBI can spy on you without any oversight.

The FBI has admitted that agents have been abusing the powers given them by the Patriot Act. So what is their solution... give the Agents even more power! Are we all crazy?

See below...

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Justice Department unveiled proposed new rules on Friday for FBI investigations, changes a civil liberties group criticized for giving agents powers to investigate Americans without proper suspicion.

In its first major change in years, the Justice Department proposed a consolidated set of guidelines for domestic FBI operations, seeking to apply the same rules for criminal and terrorism cases, and for collecting foreign intelligence.

The guidelines were first adopted in the 1970s following disclosures that the FBI under J. Edgar Hoover had run a widespread domestic surveillance program that spied on civil rights activists and political opponents.

Officials said the new guidelines, which total 45 pages, were still being revised after consultations with Congress and civil liberties groups. The new rules are expected to take effect on October 1.

Justice Department and FBI officials told a news briefing the changes would allow agents to use informants, do physical surveillance and conduct interviews without identifying themselves or their true purpose.

Many have expressed concern the rewritten rules had been drafted in a way to allow the FBI to begin surveillance without factual evidence to back it up. Continued...


1) FBI disregarded secret court order not to obtain private records twice and spys on people everywhere.

2) GW Bush to veto new surveillance bill because it allows citizens the right to sue telecommunications firms when they let the government spy on use illegally.

3) Meanwhile, a new audit finds even more new FBI privacy abuses.

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