Thursday, February 14, 2008

Obama has Communist Flag not American Flag in office

They are not even trying to cover their socialist and communist dreams for the United States.


Anonymous said...

I think that was pretty interesting. Rather shady of Miss "I don't have time to talk about this". I've always gotten the "heebie jeebies", so to speak, from Sen. Obama. I could never pinpoint it, but whenever I see things like this, it becomes clearer. Perhaps it's a woman's intuition?

Either way - thank you for your comment on my blog, and thank you for writing this. It's very insightful.

Buffalo said...

A Che flag in a backwater office of a campaign worker translates into Obama flying a communist flag rather than the red, white and blue?

That is pretty typical Faux News leaps of logic.

AMEN said...

you speak of ron paul as if he is a revolutionary and then condemn obama for showing the image of el che, one of the greatest leaders of a people's revolution in history. did anyone bother to ask if the lady working at the campaign office was cuban?

by the way, cuba has a 99.8% literacy rate and no reported cases of anyone living below the poverty level, while the u.s. has at least 12% under poverty and the state of arkansas alone has a nearly 20% adult illiteracy rate.

so yeah, Che for president.

Anonymous said...

If you think che was a hero and Cuba is so great... move over there give up your civil rights and live in squaler....

Why the hell do you think people are risking life and limb to escape cuba and ride rafts over to florida if the fruit of che's murderous revolution is so damn great? You are an uneducated idiot!

The Ron Paul revolution is done in the tradition of the american revolution not some pinko commie dictatorship. Ron Paul is for freedom and liberty not state control and socialism.

Fauxnews does suck and Bush is an evil man but you and I both know Houston is not a backwater office and that campaigns are damn well sure that their people follow the rules and dont' make fools of them. Especially when fox news is questioning them about it.

No heads rolled. The flag was not taken down. And most cubans in the US Hate Che. They hate Castro. They hate communism.

Someone explain to me what the differance is between what socialists like Castro and Obama want? The State runs it all. That is what they both want.

The Patriot said...

Do you think any JFK supporters were Che the cuban revolutionary fans?

Anyone remember bay of pigs?

What about Ronald Reagon? Think any of his supporters were putting communist flags up in the "backwater" Houston Texas offices?

Why would communist lovers like Obama? OH because their policies and view of government are the same.

Calorus said...

Hang on: the woman's a Cuban-American.
Why shouldn't she allowed to appreciate her own heritage, same as an "Irish-American" (less than 3% of whom have ever been to Ireland) appreciates theirs?

amused english socialist said...

Typical of the right wing neo-liberal press to attempt to potray Obama as a socialist or a communist. Last i heard private property relations still existed, the public sector (ie nationalisation, which still isn't socialist i might add!) is negligable, basic welfare still doesn't exist for many americans, politicians are the unnaccountable executive of the capitalist class and the government is waging imperialist wars all over the globe - all of which obama is complicit in. it'd be nice if right wing cranks like this guy did stay underground.

Anonymous said...

Writings on the wall so to speek.the only news channel I trust is fox news and I mean look at were this nations at.u tell me but I believe it.he is communist and does not have the good of our nation at heart!!